SEO Scheduler Review

SEO Scheduler Review

Nowadays SEO has become a must for any website that wants to be succesful online. Website owners manage SEO in two ways, either by outsourcing it or by doing it themselves. Outsoucing is an expensive solution that many website owners can't afford so they decide to take on SEO themselves.

When a website owner decides to do SEO himself he encounters several hurdles with the most common and important ones being lack of SEO knowledge and lack of commitment to get the SEO tasks done. SEO Scheduler overcomes both hurdles very easily and inexpensively.

SEO Scheduler is a tool that guides website owners by providing them with daily SEO tasks. These tasks are provided by the team behind SEO Scheduler, based on their expertise knowledge which they have accumulated along the years. The SEO Scheduler team enjoys the advantage of monitoring the SEO progress of various websites therefore they have a very good idea of what works and what doesn't. This means that the daily SEO tasks are optimized to achieve the best SEO results possible. The web interface of SEO Scheduler is very simple and intuitive. A user can easily see the list of tasks assigned to him per day. The SEO tasks relate to both on-site and off-site optimization. Another good feature is that multiple sites can be managed through one account. Pricing is very reasonable at only $37 per month for 1 site, $67 per month for 5 sites and $147 per month for unlimited websites!

What happens if a website owner doesn't feel like doing the SEO tasks? No problem, SEO Scheduler thought about that too and they offer to affect the tasks themselves against a reasonable monthly fee. This is optional but very useful for those website owners that don't have the time to do the SEO tasks themselves.

So what are you waiting for, click here to try SEO Scheduler for free! I'm sure that you will love it :)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

SEO Scheduler Plans

SEO Scheduler offers three plans to it's customers. These are the Basic Plan, Advanced Plan and Elite Plan. Below you may find a short description about each plan.
Basic Plan
This is the entry plan for the majority of website owners as they will start this adventure with only one website in their portfolio. With the Basic Plan users will receive SEO tasks for 1 website but can target unlimited keywords for that website. This SEO Scheduler plan is great for all those that own one website and want a cost effective SEO Solution. The monthly cost of the Basic Plan is of only $37, slightly more than a $1 a day!
Advanced Plan
The Advanced Plan is similar to the Basic Plan but it allows the user to optimize up to 5 websites. Same as highlighted in the Basic Plan, the user can optimize for unlimited keywords for those 5 websites. The monthly cost of the Advanced Plan is of only $67, which is less then $0.50 a day per site! (now that's what I call a bargain)
Elite Plan
The Elite Plan is the ultimate plan SEO Scheduler offers, as for a monthly fee of only $147 they will guide you in optimizing an unlimited number of sites and keywords. This is a must have plan for all those website owners that own a network of sites.